Our Programmes

EkoBits Academy

EkoBits ICT Trust Foundation tackles poverty and creates work and economic growth by equipping teenagers and youths (who can’t afford a university education and whose families earn less than 2 dollars daily) with global technology skills.

EdoBits Academy

Inspired by the success of EkoBits Academy, in 2018 Edo State government supported the opening of a EdoBits Academy. EdoBits is part of a network of Bits Academy that offers demand aligned trainings in creative technology to youth from underserved communities.

Tech For Girls

The initiative is aimed at targeting young girls, women with disabilities, school dropout, within the age bracket 17 – 23 years from underprivileged communities, youths who are victims of gender based violence, domestic violence etc, aimed at connecting skilled girls to meet the needs of the labour market.

Tunga Tech Jobs

This is a training programme aimed at empowering junior software developer aspiring to work for international tech companies or increase their knowledge base with skills to compete in the tech market and proffer IT solutions to raising problems.