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Our Courses


JavaScript, ReactJS, VueJs
7 Weeks of in-depth training on the highlighted technologies above


NodeJs and Python (Flask & Django)
16 Weeks is dedicated for this Thorough and 100% practical.


Soft Skills, Life Skills, and Project Management
Learn how to properly manage projects and function in a team

About TechJobs

TechJobs is an advanced software development training to get young African software developers bridge the employability gap. This is a 6 month programme powered by Tunga.

The training targets junior software developer aspiring to work for international tech companies. The program focuses on five stacks: React.JS, Vue.JS, Node.JS and Python (Flask & Django) which covers both frontend and backend software development skills, with good professional handling of the Linux command line that sets the basis for seamless Cl/CD, DevOps, and Cloud Technologies eventually.

This programme is tailored to not only take your coding to the next level, but also teach you the 'soft skills' to professionally manage your work and collaborate in a (distributed) software team according to international standards.

The course is set up in such a way, that it can be combined with a daytime job.

Selection Criteria

This prograam is fully inclusive: Women and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


Male and Female.


Should have a foundation of software development skills (Junior Level).


Lagos Nigeria, and can attend physically.


You should have at least one project codebase to showcase

Sales Force

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The program focuses on 4 frameworks: Reactjs, Vuejs, Python (Django), Nodejs to include both frontend and backend skills.

The set up is as follows:

  • Costs: free (sponsored by the German government)
  • Duration: 24 weeks
  • 20-25 hours per week
  • 20% technical theory, 20% soft skills theory, 60% projects/ assignments
  • 3 nights (3 hours, 6pm-9pm) + 1 6-hour day + homework (5-10 hours)
  • Classroom is always accessible (e.g. for homework)
  • Progress is being tracked: entry test, 2 progress tests (after 8 and after 16 weeks), graduation tests