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This course focuses on this stacks HTML, CSS Js, React Js and Vue Js for creating User Interface and professional UX.


High Performance Creative Template HTML. Let’s Create Something new and awesome Togeather. Best Services.

Project Management Skill

High Performance Creative Template HTML. Let’s Create Something new and awesome Togeather. Best Services.

About Ekobits Tech4All

EkoBits transform the lives of young people from underprivileged backgrounds by offering range of training in ICT, graphic design and digital media.

EkoBits Academy was set up by Work In Progress Alliance and Poise Nigeria in 2016. The concept is to train ambitious young people in a wide range of disciplines from programming to visual design, brand development, photography and video making.

The target group of the Bits Schools are young people from underprivileged communities., these youths are faced with many socio-economic challenges that hinder them from progressing in life and making meaningful contribution to their societies.

Key among these challenges is Lack of employment which leaves the youth idle and despaired and leads them to engaging in vices such as drug abuse, prostitution, theft among others.

EkoBits Tech4All Academy calendar spans for 1 year

Selection Criteria


Male and Female.


SSCE Result.


15 -25 years old




Students Selection

We select students on the basis of commitment and
motivation and offer them demand aligned training in creative technologies, entrepreneurship and life skills, leading youth to income-generating opportunities.

Our local partners are vital for the implementation of the project. They provide a solid governance structure with management, advisory boards, selection of capable trainers in the ICT field, selection of the youth.

Their local network and partnerships with local CBO's are crucial for the selection of youth from underprivileged areas. Our alumni never stop learning and end up at the forefront of change.