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Ekobits is a youth based social enterprise that uses ICT multimedia creatively to improve the lives of less privileged youth from the non-formal settlement. The target population for Ekobits is vulnerable youth in Lagos, Nigeria. These youth are faced with many socio-economic challenges that hinder them from progressing in life and making meaningful contribution to their societies. Key among these challenges is Lack of employment which leaves the youth idle and despaired and leads them to engaging in vices such as drug abuse, prostitution, theft among others. The major cause of unemployment among these youth is their inability to access skills and funds.

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The training is conducted in three levels/stages which include taught theory and practicals’ and hands on training through internship.

Our Expertise

At Ekobits Academy, we create professionals in graphic design, web design & development, video editing, and photography. In addition, we offer;

Entrepreneurship: This solves the problem of limited formal employment available for the youth. They can therefore identify available opportunities, start and run their businesses.

Life Skills: Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life.

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Graphics Design 99%

Web design 95%

Web development 97%

Video Editing & Photography 92%

The Team

Meet the Awesome people that's making ekobits work

Ukinebo Dare


Innih Ikhide


Bart Inyang

Creative Designer & Illustrator

wale ayandiran

Wale Ayandiran

Web designer & developer

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We couldn't have achieved this all alone thanks to our partners.

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