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About Ekobits

Ekobits is a youth based social enterprise that uses ICT creatively to improve the lives of less privileged youth from non-formal settlement. The target population for Ekobits are youth from marginalize communities in Lagos, Nigeria. These youth are faced with many socio-economic challenges that hinder them from progressing in life and making meaningful contribution to the society. Key among these challenges is Lack of employment which leaves the youth idle and despaired and leads them to engaging in vices such as drug abuse, prostitution, theft among others. The major cause of unemployment among these youth is their inability to access skills and funds.

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What We Offer

We offer ICT training for these youth to give them skills to enable them engage in gainful income generating activities. The training is conducted in three levels/stages which include taught theory and practicals’ and hands on training through internship. The training curricula is based on creativity and encompasses marketable applications including web-design and development.

The beneficiaries are also offered entrepreneurship training to give them self-reliance skills in business planning and management. This gives them capacity to develop and actualize ideas and engage in self-employment. The programme also aims at introducing these youths to the ocean of opportunities in enterpreneurship which would in turn help them start and strengthen their own innovative ideas.

Life Skills

Life skills’ training is another key component of the capacity building objective. The age of the beneficiaries coupled with the environment where they live predisposes them to social challenges especially concerning etiquette, wrong usage of words and relationships. This training addresses these issues giving the youth capacity to cope with the social environment both at the workplace and in their communities and to enable them pass on the skills to other youth they interact with.


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